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The mapping team of Facilities Technology Group creates and maintains the topographical and thematic maps for the main UNC-Chapel Hill campus and other University-owned properties. The campus base map is used to develop customized maps for numerous significant applications including Facilities Planning and Design and campus master planning.  The mapping team maintains an accurate campus map by updating the surface features and field surveying the non-surveyed layers.  The mapping team continuously improves methods of updating and obtaining data to enhance campus maps and reduce the occurrence of missing or inaccurate data.  For development of customized maps please contact the Mapping Manager, Stephanie McAdam.

The GIS system geo-database maintains information for the surface features and sub-surface infrastructure utility systems of campus properties. The GIS team develops and implements a geographically based system, containing spatial and non-spatial relational data, which would provide information for management of the planning, design, maintenance, and operation of the existing and future facilities within the campus environment. For facilities-related GIS-related data and information please contact the GIS Coordinator, Katherine O’Brien.

GIS Maps

Embedding a Map in a Webpage

  • Locate the link to the specific map via the Campus Locations page.
  • If embedding the map on a WordPress page, use the iframe shortcode: [iframe title="******" src=" link" style="width:100%;min-height:500px;border:1px solid #13294b"][/iframe]
    • Replace ****** in title with the name of the location that is being embedded.
    • Place link in src section of iframe shortcode.
    • The style included is very basic and can be changed to fit website needs.
  • Add completed iframe shortcode onto web page.